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This essential book for every woman exposes my own personal sexual secrets as well as those of women who have contacted me for advice.

From learning about what turns you on in the bedroom, to living out your fantasies, this is the perfect tool for women who would like to be a little more savvy in the sex department. All the greatest ‘how-to’ books will mean nothing if we’re still not comfortable with who we are. With my book I seek to help women understand their particular needs and desires, accept them, and then have them met which includes learning how to communicate our desires to our partner, something that’s very difficult for a lot of us.

Rave Reviews:

“What sets her book apart is Royalle’s warm, down-to-earth voice. Her tone is empowering— and she puts women’s pleasure first. (This book) gives women permission to be sexual beings and to take charge of their erotic lives and their sexual pleasure.” — The Village Voice

“Follow Candida Royalle’s sage advice from her book and you’ll be telling him ‘oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!'” — Nancy Friday, author of “Women on Top,” “My Secret Garden”