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What do you think of your work being called feminist pornography or simply pornography?”


My Answer

I don’t mind the term “feminist.” . .I am a feminist, have been since college days. To me feminist means self determination and choice. As a feminist I am seizing control of the reins of production and creating adult movies that I as a woman would prefer to see.

It’s the porn word I take issue with. Pornography has come to mean a certain kind of visual imagery or depiction of sex that I don’t feel accurately describes my work. Pornography comes from the Latin word that means “prostitute”, so historically pornography meant stories about prostitutes. Eros is the root word for sexual love. Though not all my movies are about sex as it relates to love, they are not about prostitutes. My stories are about real people engaging in the expression of sexual desire and sometimes sexual love.

In addition, the word pornography, or porn, conjures up images for many women that are distasteful. They assume it’s something they won’t like. Having been the first filmmaker to try and appeal to women viewers, calling my work porn was likely to turn them off before they even gave it a chance and took a peak! Calling my work erotica or adult entertainment seemed more accurate and more productive in terms of marketing.

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