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How can a woman maintain vaginal tightness as she gets older and after pregnancy?


The best and simplest thing a woman can do to maintain vaginal tone is to practice her “Kegels”. These are a series of tightening exercises that will strengthen the PC (pubococcygeal) muscle, which surrounds the vaginal canal. They’re easy, simple and they work! And when these muscles are toned a woman is capable of more sensation, more pleasure and stronger orgasms.

In order to properly exercise your PC muscle, you must first isolate and identify it. The easiest way is to do so while urinating. Once you begin to urinate, stop and start the flow several times. The muscle you use to do this is your PC muscle. Another way is to insert a finger inside your vagina and squeeze your muscles. When you feel pressure around your finger, you are using the correct muscle.

You can simply do a series of tightening exercises, for example, tighten to the count of ten, then release for a count of ten, and do this about ten times. Or, to attain faster and greater results, try using a vaginal Kegel exerciser, such as my Natural Contours ENERGIÉ. (http//www.natural-contours/energie). The ENERGIÉ weighs just under a pound and provides more resistence. Just as in exercising any muscle group, adding a weight resistance makes your PC muscle work harder and will bring faster results.

These days when women are running to surgeons in order to tighten their vaginal muscles, it’s important to know we don’t need to resort to such drastic measures. Doing these exercises for about six minutes a day will restore your vagina to its former tightness, it will bring more blood flow there causing you to have more sensation and pleasure, and it will prevent urinary incontinence which often happens as a result of aging, childbirth, and/or lack of use. It will also help ward off such age related symptoms as thinning vaginal walls and painful intercourse.

There are things we can do to stay fit and youthful, even for our vaginas! (And one of those things, by the way, is to have regular sex! That too helps us stay toned, even if it’s just with ourself through self-pleasuring and penetration with a vibrator or dildo. Check out my other Natural Contours massagers which are great for this, such as the LIBERTÉ and the ULTIME.) And guess what? Men have them too! And by keeping them in shape he has better control of his orgasms, and better sex as well! What he does is hang a dry wash cloth on his erect penis and lift up and down. Then graduate to a wet cloth, then a towel, and so on. Have Fun!

Hope this helps!

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