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What are your feelings about the Rob Black-type porn. . .the rougher, more objectionable stuff?


My Answer

I think if we want to live in a world where free expression is allowed, we have to accept that there’s going to be imagery we don’t like or agree with. The best way to counter it is to get out there and create what you’d like to see yourself. Then let the public choose for themselves. You can’t force people to choose the positive stuff, but hopefully if it’s available, that’s what they’ll go for. On the other hand, if you try to censor works of art or porn, it just becomes more desirable, like “forbidden fruit.” I think it’s important to censor and prosecute people who make materials that victimize children and animals. The rest of it-if it’s with people who are adults and it’s consensual, if someone likes to be spat on and slapped, who are we to forbid them to do it? I have the choice not to look. It does concern me that so many men like to see brutal violating behavior like this, but so do some women. And look at the violence in our mainstream non-sex movies. . .is it any different? These are the challenges of living in a free society.

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