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Is there anything I can take to wake up my libido? A busy life and the onset of menopause finds me uninterested.

My Answer

Many women, myself included, have found “bio-identical hormones” to be quite helpful. This includes various forms of estrogens that are plant derived, a natural form of progesterone, and also testosterone, which, while being known for driving male desire, is also key for women’s desire.

These are all custom formulated specifically for the individual by a licensed physician .I do not advocate the use of synthetic hormones, or anything that comes in “one dosage for all” type formula, and it’s important that you go to someone qualified. But it has helped me and others. I write about it in my book, “How to tell a naked man what to do”, and Dr. Christian Northrup writes about it in her wonderful book, “The Wisdom of Menopause” as does Suzanne Sommers. The products I take come from the International Women’s Pharmacy in Wisconsin and they can provide a list of practitioners around the country.

Hope this helps!

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