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Often while pleasuring my husband during oral sex, my jaw hurts/locks up. What can I do to prevent this from happening? It is interfering with our foreplaying, making it one-sided and leaves me feeling guilty for enjoying all of the pleasure that he lavishes on me.

My Answer

My initial reaction about your jaw locking up during fellatio is to wonder if you’re tightening it up too much or if you’re doing it non-stop for too long. Perhaps you need to take breaks. Work on keeping your jaw loose and change your action frequently, going from sucking to licking back to sucking, etc. Any woman is going to develop tension in her jaw if she tries to suck for too long. Also, a lot of women will take a break and tongue the tip of the man’s penis while stroking his well lubricated shaft with her hand. Many men really like this. The point is to use variety so that you don’t do one thing for so long that you create stress and tension in your jaw. You can bet men will develop stress in their tongue if they lick a woman non-stop for too long.

Or is there some unresolved issue you have about performing fellatio that’s perhaps coming out during your forepaly while you try to perform it on your husband?

If none of that helps, I can only suggest asking a clinical sex therapist or counselor. Or perhaps you suffer from tension in your jaw from keeping all your stress from day to day activities there. My dentist noticed that my jaw muscles were overly developed and thought I must be grinding my teeth at night. What I realized was that I was clenching my jaw in my sleep because of holding in stress. That’s something a dentist can help you with. (You don’t have to go into details, just say you feel a lot of stress in your jaw.)

Hope this helps!

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