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I usually keep my cell phone in my pocket during the day, but I’ve been wondering if the electronic waves will affect my sperm count or the healthiness of it?


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Good question! Especially given the level of cell phone usage in today’s high-tech world! Since I’m not an expert in this area, I went to ol’ reliable google and came up very quickly with some information which I’ll include below. There seems to be plenty written about this on the internet, so I would suggest you continue to explore this issue. In the meantime it sounds to me like if you’re looking to have children and are concerned about your sperm count, I would not only find a better place to keep your cell phone, but I would also consider trying to use your cell phone less.

It’s amazing how dependent we’ve all become on our cell phones. Remember when we didn’t have them? Yes, they are amazingly convenient, but I do recall fondly when I simply wasn’t available 24/7! “Leave me a message, drop me an email, I’ll get back to you!” Gee, there’s a thought!

Following is the sampling of info I found on sperm count and cell phone usage, including the issue of carrying a cell phone near your groin.

According to, “The more a man uses his cell phone the lower his sperm count is likely to be, said researchers from Cleveland, New Orleans and Mumbai, at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. The researchers found that every aspect of a man’s sperm profile can be affected by many hours on his cell phone.”

The researchers looked at the sperm count, motility and normal forms of the sperm of 364 men. They found that:

— among men with a normal sperm count who never used a mobile phone, average sperm counts were 86 million per milliliter, 68% motility and 40% normal sperms

— among men with a normal sperm count who used their mobiles more than four hours per day, average sperm counts were 66 million sperm per milliliter, 46% motility and 21% normal forms

The researchers “believe the effect on sperm profiles may be caused by the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the devices, or their heat.” They added that “further studies are needed to find out exactly what the mechanisms are that undermine sperm quality.”

According to information I found on, a survey on “exposure to mobile phones and sperm count”, researches claimed that “pollution and radio frequency waves from mobile phones took a toll on the reproductive ability of men.” They go on to report that “Hungarian researchers said that those who placed their mobile phones near their groin, on a belt or in a pocket, were at the greatest risk of having their sperm count reduced…The study found that those sperms that did survive mobile phone radiation exposure showed abnormal movements, further reducing the fertility….

However, Britain’s National Radiological Protection Board, which has reviewed research into health effects of exposure to radio frequency waves, including mobile phones, have so far said that the waves were safe.

The World Health Organization stresses that more studies are needed”.

Hope this helps!

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