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Does the average woman like a little foreplay or a lot?

My Answer

We are all different so the best thing is always to ask your partner what they like. Communication is essential for good sex. But if I had to generalize, I’d have to say that women tend to like a lot of foreplay. In fact, it’s best to drop the word foreplay which implies that real sex is intercourse and the rest is all just leading up to it. It’s all sex, and the more creative the better. Do a lot of touching, kissing, oral sex, fingering, intercourse, back to oral sex, take a break, back to intercourse, maybe more oral sex or fingering, you get the idea. We tend to think that a bit of oral sex and then intercourse is it and then it’s over. But there’s so much more. Best not to be so goal oriented and just do what feels good when it feels good, and ask your partner what feels good to them! I’ve heard it said by sex researchers that it takes women on average 20 minutes to get real warmed up, so not only do we like a lot of “foreplay”, but we need it!

Hope this helps!

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