What Got Us Into Feminism

In March, 2013, Haley MLotek asked me to write a small piece for her regular feature in Hazlitt, an on-line division of Penguin/RandomHouse. The subject was feminism and she asked a “new generation” of feminists to explain what inspired their beliefs. Here is my contribution along with the others. 

In 1969 I took a year off from college and worked in a few Manhattan offices. There I learned firsthand about sexual harassment at a time when no one acknowledged it and there were no laws to discourage it. Across the street from my Bronx apartment was a storefront displaying the iconic women’s lib symbol of a fist embedded in the woman’s sign that was emblazoned on the cover of Sisterhood is Powerful, edited by Robin Morgan.

For a young woman confronted with the sense of powerlessness that comes with sexual harassment and a host of other daily insults in the work place, this symbol resonated with me; I picked up the book, joined the Bronx Women’s Coalition, and my life was forever changed by the sense of empowerment and the joy of sisterhood I shared in those heady days of Women’s Liberation.

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